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Spring Clamps (From the Garden Centre)

I was at the garden center … yes … I said the garden center,
but let me finish my sentence ... with my wife, I should add.

To my surprise if found some clamps that would be perfect for the workshop and toy making.


Simple Wire Spring Clamps.



They were called ‘Plant Clips’.

Nothing more than some spring steel with a plastic enclosure.

Tension is quite high, good grip, and perfect for clamping small parts in the workshop during glue-up.

Large spring clamp jaws open to one (1) inch and the smaller spring clamp jaws open to one-half (1/2) inch.

Price $2.00 CDN.

Can’t wait to put them to use.

 Happy Toy Making

john lewman

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Thanks Udie - Forum members take notice! We like to see Udie's posts. His posts are always focused on the toymaker's needs and the posts help us all to think outside of the box. He also shows us how to work with more efficiency and creativity. More importantly for the Forum, his posts cause us want to visit the Forum again and again. Everyone likes useful, fun and inspiring posts and nothing makes folks flee the Forum faster than posts that are not related to toy making. Our hats off to Udie for his fine examples of smart thinking craftsmanship and for his unfailing support of and dedication to the Toymaker Forum members.

John Lewman
phantom scroller

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Yes Udie I noticed them in the garden center as well and got me a set last week. great minds as they say. lol first thing I thought of was for woodwork always looking for small clamps can't have enough clamps.
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