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Project Storage

It does not matter whether you are building one of the projects or multiples of the same project, the question that always arises is the same.
Where and how am I going to store the work in progress pieces?

I have so many pieces that require additional work,
I have pieces that are complete and only require finishing,
I have a stockpile of raw materials to be worked on.
I also have made  few templates to be stored for future builds.

There is a very simple solution ... storage boxes.

1 Storage Boxes 3.jpg 
I have solved this age old problem by going to a big box store and purchasing a dozen clear plastic show boxes.
These boxes are 7-1/2" wide, 13" long and 4-1/4" deep.
Cost varies between $0.99 to $1.29 each.
As you can see, they are great for storing all the stages of your project.

The top box contains parts which I have just finished painting and must protect from the additional dust I will be making this evening cutting and sanding additional items.

They are also great for storing raw materials required for this project or other projects.
The best thing is that they are clear, you can see exactly what is inside, and they have a lockable lid which protects the items from shop dust and lastly they are specifically designed for stacking.

Another bonus is that there are larger box sizes available if you require more storage capabilities.

Whatever size you select, you are able to store, stack these containers anywhere in the workshop or even in another room.

Another toy maker workshop problem solved.


Ken Martin

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Udie shared this idea with me some time ago, and I will tell you it is a great idea and solution to the parts issue.  I how have about 30 of these little boxes and 15 bigger ones.

It eases your mind when you know and can remember where you put all the little parts you are going to need later.  I have the patience of a 4 month old puppy so it drives me nuts when I know I have something and can't put my paws on it right away.

Thanks for sharing it again Udie.  You are so full of it, and so are your boxes.  LOL

Kenneth W Martin
john lewman

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This is going to help clean up my messy work tables. Thanks for the tip!

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Like the storage boxes - Don
phantom scroller

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I use these for dipping things into my lemon oil then seal the container after and use another for draining off for the small things you can move them around there cheap and re-useable great idea for storing things to know what you have to do next. lol
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