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With my wooden boat project completed, and a successful assembly of my new CNC router, I was eager to get back into toy making.
Naturally I wanted a project that would give me an easy intro into using the new tool.
 I had noticed that my granddaughter was now interested in imagination play.   The Cottage 101 plan sets had waited patiently for a couple of years and seemed like an ideal CNC-101 job.
I wanted to have the house with a removable roof so all the other play pieces could be stored within, rather than fabricating it from a 3.5" thick solid block.  
I  combined the house front and the three carport pieces into a single piece using V-Carve, and created side panels to suit.  I created a pair of gussets to lock the two roof panels together, the chimney made an ideal handle. A single panel of 6mm MDF made all the house parts, and 12mm MDF the car and play people.

The cut-out printed paper images are always slightly smaller than the wooden parts they fit on, so I chose to mix acrylics to match the edge colours and pre-painted the edges of the wood before Modge-Podge-ing the artwork on.  Clear-coating with satin finish acrylic finished it all off.
 I am much happier with the result this time and will definitely build the Cottage 102 and the Dairy Farm set in the near future.

Cottage 101 CNC.jpeg
Cottage 101 Pre-painting Edges.jpeg  Cottage 101 - Front 1.jpeg  Cottage 101 top front.jpeg  Cottage 101 - Removable roof.jpeg  Cottage 101 - internal storage 1.jpeg  Cottage 101 - Carport internal 1.jpeg

john lewman

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This is so amazing! And you are a better toy designer than I am. This is a perfect solution and makes a much better toy from every angle. Thanks for sharing the great photos with us. More! More!
Toy builder Bob

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Great job Wombat. Your granddaughter is one lucky girl.I am sure she will have many hours of fun playing with this little cottage set.

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Sunshine Cottage
Hi Wombat - magnificent mod on the cottage and has inspired me to build.
No Stepcraft just the bog-standard scrollsaw. I am short of girl focused toys.
Some say that toys are for children (not divided into groups) but mums don't always see it !
Wife says she might buy me some CNC. Heres hoping

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Glad to be of service griff2379!

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