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I bought the full set of the Sunshine Village plans almost a year ago, so I decided it was time to actually get down to it and make one of them.
Printed out the graphics on a laser printer , then got to work on the wood ( the fun bit).

I had some clear pine in 1" ( 25mm) thickness so decided to try to cut out the truck bodies on the scroll-saw. A new #5 skip-tooth with reverse teeth blade was chosen at a middle speed, and..... it worked really well!  First time I have cut this thick a piece of wood on it. Not much sanding needed.
I can see why people get to like this tool.

Not having access to 1.5" thick Stair treads as recommended in the parts list, I chose to make the convenience store from 12mm mdf, boxing it up rather than having a solid lump of wood.

When I had finished it all, I gave myself time to reflect on what I could have done differently.
 I realised that this is one really bulky toy.  Perhaps a 3/4 scale version would have been less clunky.
 In hindsight, I could have made the convenience store a hollow box, with a removable friction-fit base. Inside this box, the three Pump units, complete with upright poles, plus the two people, could easily fit.
The trucks actually pack flat on their sides within the edges of the roof of the service station, then the convenience store packed on its side below it. Volume ( and thus carton size ) hugely reduced.
 One would need to place some 2x1 strips under the roof of the service station to house deeper drilled holes for better support the upright dowel posts, and yes, the child would need to assemble it to play. Main roof area would not then have ugly dowel holes visible from the top.

 Perhaps next time, although I doubt I will do another one. Far to many other plans to build, and whilst the Mod-Podge graphics were more detailed and quicker than any paint finish I could have applied, I found the result unsatisfying. 
Perhaps it was the poor choice of regular clear varnish brush applied, rather than the expensive spray can, perhaps it was using my least favourite material MDF? 

 Whatever, onwards to the next project.
Building stock for my very first Christmas Fete Stall in mid December.

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kenneth smith

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Great insight on the build. Also looks fabulous. Great work wombat

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Well done, Wombat, well done.

Nuff said.

-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
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