I'm a country girl at heart and I love the farm plans. I've had the plans for this header for 2-3 years now and finally got around to making it. I used tasmanian oak and jarrah and finished it with beeswax/mineral oil.
I used a mitre saw to make most of the angled cuts. I decided to make the wooden discs used on the comb myself which meant that they weren't all exactly the same size. I did manage to get the holes lined up pretty well by stack drilling them. I used axle pegs instead of dowels, which meant I had to move the position of the comb support slightly so that the comb would turn still with the wheels. I also broke one off the thin end pieces on the comb which had to be recut. The reclaimed jarrah is sometimes brittle and breaks along the grain. Super frustrating!
john lewman
Rosiejane, this is really a beautiful airloom. Your workmanship shows a deep love for your craft. This is really a special piece!