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Super Really Wood Combine - Item 27

One of our members, siemensj, posted a question on how to cut thin pieces of wood on the table saw.

Hopefully, the Wood Toy News (WTN) articles and videos I pointed him to, help him in making the necessary thin strips safely and repeatedly on the table saw.

Once the strips have been made, cutting the bevels and angles should not be a problem.


Most of the piece parts necessary are straight forward.

There is one item, being Item 27, that has multiple angles to it and because it is a small part would be quite difficult to safely cut on the table saw. It would require using jigs and hold downs. But why do that?


This component can be easily manufactured using the scroll saw or band saw, a sanding station and a little trick to guarantee accuracy and the ability to make two (2) at a time.



Here's a photo of Item 27.
Item 27.jpg 

To see the steps on how I made this part, please click on the link below to open the PDF file.

Item 27 PDF Page 1.jpg pdf Item 27.pdf     

Happy Toymaking Item 27
Imants Udris (Udie)

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