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If you're going to oil finish it the oak and the maple will look amazing! The maple will be very white and the oak quite a bit will be a really nice contrast.

I like the idea of using material from your father's farm. I had a poplar tree drop during a storm on my old property and wanted to mill it to use for a new kitchen...unfortunately the economy tanked and I had to use it for fire

Along the same lines, I know a buddy's father planted maple trees when my buddy and his brothers were born....his tree got knocked over in a storm and his dad ended up using the wood for....hmmm a toybox? cradle? something like that for my buddy's kid....The dad was sad that the tree was felled but in the end the material went to a great'd be surprised how big a tree gets in 45 years......

I can appreciate your affection for the material. I see too many people just using up wood like it's nothing....with NO understanding that it was actually at one point a living thing and took decades to get to the point where we can use it. A long time ago a master carpenter told me "always respect the wood". I have so many offcuts and use it for just about everything until there's nothing left. I use offcuts for stir sticks, clamping pads, and even plane down pieces to make shavings and then sell for people who keep chickens....throwing it into a landfill is NOT an option for me.

One thing I'd do once your combine is completed, I'd go to a local engraver and get a small plate made for the bottom. Showing the completion date and where the material came from......if there's room, I'd put the location of your dad's farm on it too....something else that might be cool instead of the address, put the latitude and longitude.......then in years to come, if someone else finds this piece, they can look up the lat and long and find out exactly where it came from....
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