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cynthia lewman

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Peter Axton wrote to us from Australia to share his Super Simple Classic Rocking Horse photos!

Peter shared his technique for making the face pieces by cutting the shapes at an angle then recessing the ears, eyes, nose and mouth.


In Peter's words:
With the rocking horse, I wanted to make it so it would last and wasn’t confident that painting the eyes, nose, mouth and ears would.

I have an Excalibur scroll saw and to recess the black sections I treated it like an inlay (I think that’s what it’s called) and tilted the blade for the cut outs. I’ve never done it before and in fact this is the only thing I’ve tilted the blade on. I tried a couple of rough circles at different angles until I thought it looked about how far I wanted to recess the parts then used that setting.

I followed the drawing as if it was a pattern and cut the pieces out, pressed them down into the recess and glued them in place then used the disc sander to sand the back flush.

For the cheeks I did the reverse so they pushed out of the face. I was going to paint that but since my daughter likes the look of the grain in the timber I just painted it all over in clear. It is probably a lot more obvious than it appears in the photos.

With the mouth I felt it looked like it should continue across the front but before I did anything I put some black tape across to see what it would look like. Once I decided to do it I just cut across by hand and chiselled out the piece. Once the recess is there it’s easy to paint inside and if you have any rough edges where it meets the flat surface, sanding the face cleans that up.

You may have noticed that the ears are a bit different too. I felt it would be more like a horse if it had 2 ears rather than one that went right across so I modified the pattern for the center of the head to leave the gap between the ears.

One other modification I made I decided on when I tried locating the rockers. I tried clamping across the base of the legs and realized that it was pulling the legs in to the center so I changed the method of clamping but because the rocker will probably be used on the deck I thought it might get pushed off (hopefully without a rider on board) and maybe land on one side and break off a leg so when I finished I added like a step across just behind the front legs. I noticed that Angus seemed to put his foot on it to climb on so it seems to be suitable as a step as well as a brace.


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Good Job . Don
Ken Martin

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Thanks for sharing Franks work.
He has some great ideas.

Kenneth W Martin
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