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I would like to know if when doing a template for let's say the small Pickup truck, do you route out the piece first - then glue after? Or do you glue both, let it dry, then route with template on top?

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Bostonwindows30 - Good question and let's see if I can help you a little.
A routing template's purpose is to give you repeatable parts, all the same, over and over again.
Take a look at the WTN (Wood Toy News) Feb 6/14 titled "Making Multiples" and the accompanying video "Making Router Templates for Multiples". Here I demonstrate how to make multiples using a router template using 3/4" Pine and MDF. Now let's take it a step further, in the WTN May 23/14 titled "Router Freaky Ford" we see that I routered profiles in two ways. Two pieces of glued up 3/4" for a total width of 1-1/2", a solid piece of 1-1/2" stock and some 3/4" stock which was glued after routing. The video "Freaky Ford" shows routing some 3/4" stock and then comparing the results by stacking them together with the template.
Perfect copies allowing you to router thinner stock and then gluing them together to make wider stock minimum sanding prior to sanding and painting.
I think WTN's and the videos will help answer your question.
It's your call, you can glue up to the thickness you wish, rough cut out the profile and then router.
Note: Routing wider stock means increasing the length of the cutting heads on your router bit. In the video I was using a 2" router bit when routing the 1-1/2" material.

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