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A small video of making the Toon Truck about 15 min video form start to the end of making the car and painting it too. I really enjoy making this car and made 3 of them up now and give them away to the schools here. And hope to make a start on the Ranch Wrangler next week had big problems with eclectic power here for a few weeks but now ok and looking forward to making it.

john lewman

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Thanks for posting this interesting and fun video. To the forum members-Lloyd has joined us at as a member of our design staff. As you have seen in his numerous posts, he is extremely talented. We are proud to have him on our creative team. Welcome aboard, Lloyd and thanks for posting this engaging video.

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Great video and build. If making a quantity of them would it not be easier to make 1 of each part and then use a router to follow the first.
I have so much fun playing with wood.
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