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20170710_210800_HDR.jpg My bench when I decided to call it a day.


Sanded all the shellac cars you see in the photo using a gray Scotch Brite pad and sand paper on a few bad spots like the one that got dropped while it was still wet. The Scotch Brite pad works a lot like steel wool but without all the little bits of steel

Re drilled one of my paint stands to make the holes deeper. I broke through the bottom in a few places so I glued on a piece of Masonite on the bottom. I started another stand out of MDF this time. I use MDF because it flat and it heavy. Should work better than the BC plywood I don't have enough of these. I'd love to have a table top with a grid of holes.

I glued exhaust pipes into the four painted bodies. These had very bad tear out between the holes but in spite of this I had to use the vise to press them home. I finally figured out that I only need a tiny drop of glue for the exhaust pipes. They fit so tight that I have to tap them in to get them started and then use a vise or clamp to press them in. I like using the vise for this because the pipes all com out even.

All four of the Painted bodies were sprayed with a Badger Anthem 155 airbrush and four different Behr house paint unthinned straight from the can.


Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Thanks for the excellent post and photos. We would all enjoy seeing a lot more photos of your pro work stations andcbc output. This is impressive. We have unlimited storage on the forum so post as many hi res photos as you like in your posts.

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Great job and very useful information . It's really nice of you to share all of this. I have used a lot of your information and it has helped my painting. So thank you very much and keep up the great job.
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