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john lewman

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From Tom:

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you so much for your invaluable information and quick responses to my questions. This is my first attempt at making anything like this and thanks to you and Toymaking it has been a terrific experience so far. I wanted to make a keepsake gift for my Godson's 1st birthday, but honestly didn't know if I had the skills, information, or tools to be able to make something that I would be willing to give him after seeing the finished product.

I am an electrician by trade so I'm somewhat comfortable with working with tools and plans, but this was a whole new ball game for me. I'm happy (and a bit proud) to say that up to this point I'm very happy with the results. Although not perfect by any stretch, the Quick n' Easy Heirloom Rocking Horse is turning out very presentable and gift worthy in my opinion and the few people who have seen it have been genuinely(at least I hope so!) complimentary. I have attached a few photos.
Sincere thanks,
Tom Kasper

We look forward to seeing photos of the finished rocking horse with your Godson mounted and ready for action!






Ken Martin

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Thanks to Tom for building this rocking horse and to John for sharing it with us.
Really nice job Tom and I to want to see more photos.
Great job.

Kenneth W Martin
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