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Hi guys, I don't know about you but when I get into building something I tend to leave my tools-drill bits etc all over the place and seem to spend a long time wondering where I left them, so I made this table that can be put close to the work area and as long as I MAKE sure I put the tools back on the board they can be easily found?? ( That's the great idea) working well so far, I only put tools on the board that are most used for the project

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john lewman

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This is a good solution to keep woodworking tools in order. I am going to do this.

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Good idea.  I forever am looking for the pencil I just had in my hand 2 minutes ago.

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I hear ya!. I spend more time looking for tools I think than making the trucks and cars. I think I will put something like this together. My biggest problem is I also make outdoor furniture and pens. Boy, things sure get mixed up.
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