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larrys wood toys

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After many communications with John and Cynthia Lemam, they encouraged me to tell my story. My name is Larry Laing, I live in Sequim Washington. The last two and half plus years I've been building wood cars, and trucks and donate them to charities all over the world (USA,Haiti orphanages,Mexico, and Africa.) In December 2015 the 2000th car was sent.

My bread and butter cars are one and one half by one and one half by four inches the car pattern is in Toy Making Plans book wood toy cars and trucks.I also make other cars and trucks that are quick and easy to build. All my cars and trucks are hand painted with two coats of bright colored metallic paint, followed by four coats of gloss poly. All are water base material. My cars are all jazzed up with auto pin stripping, which is available at auto parts stores. Multiple colors are used (5/16th by 36 feet)

Their are millions of children worldwide who have never owned a personal toy. As a group of toy makers worldwide who communicate with TOY MAKING PLANS TOY MAKER Forum. We all take pride in our toy making ability and have children in our hearts. I am now making this bold challenge, seeing we are worldwide group, I would like to get 200 toy makers or more to volunteer to make 10 cars per month, and donate to local charity In your area. There are many charities or organizations in every town.(Police,Fire Churches,child abuse programs,and the list goes on.

If 200 toy makers built 10 cars per month, that would be 2000 cars a month. It took me two and half plus years to build 2000 cars. After all the pictures and stories we have received, I felt I needed to seek help In finding a way to get more Toys built,what better way than to request help from fellow woodworking. I

f you could see the joy and happiness that these cars, trucks bring to These children, you will be glad you accepted this challenge. These are pictures of the cars and trucks we build away donate. Thank you for reading my story, and hopefully you will help children all over the world. Let's all share our pictures and stories.

Toy plans
john lewman

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Thanks for posting the story Larry. Please add some photos to this article. We would love to see more pictures of your very important and wonderful work.

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I think that is such a good idea. I have given thought to making them for toys for tots at Christmas. I don't think I can make that many but I will make what I can. Thanks for what you do. It is such a blessing to give rather than to receive. May God Bless you.
PaPa Jack

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Hey Larry, great job!!!!  I have sent some toys to "City of Children" in Mexico with our medical personnel that go there with a larger combined medical once a year.  They used the toys to get the little ones to get a physical (seems to take the fear out of seeing the Dr )

Your pictures did not show up  would like to see some.  Also what is your method of distribution.  I thought that the "toys for tots" would not accept unwrapped toys.  would be nice to know if anyone has used that avenue before to donate toys.

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Papa Jack

Hello - new forum member - long time lurker....

W/ regard to your question about Toys for Tots, it may depend on the management of the local chapter. A co-worker and I have been making toys for them for the last 3 years - we turn them in un-wrapped. The local chapter wants them that way, so the parents/guardians can see what they are choosing for their child and can wrap them as they desire.

Ask the local management - you've nothing to loose. 


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are there any  Canadian chapters for Toys for Tots or is it just US?

I did my homework ( late ) so there is no Canadian version  so I will find other ways to get mine out there 


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Larry, count me in. I accept your challenge and will seek ways of getting them to children that would really enjoy them. I have heard that toys for tots, in this area anyway, will not accept unpack-aged toys. i will try to contact the local chapter. I have already given away toys to my church for some of their children's ministry events, and have become somewhat of a celebrity. I have had kids come up to me and ask me to sign the bottom of the car. The challenge of ten per month is an easy goal to achieve, and I will post pictures of what I make for this challenge.

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage
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