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I've been making toys for the Salvation Army toy drive for the last 3 years.  I make 2 donations per year, one in November and another in July.  My contribution is small compared to the number of children served by the charity each year, but the children seem to enjoy the toys and the parents appreciate the sturdiness of each piece.  I use child-friendly adhesives and finishes.  Most of my toys have no metal or sharp edges.  In addition, I make a number of models each year for my own enjoyment.  Just an old kid that never grew up! 2018-10-13 09.36.06.jpg

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Hi Rattler,
      there is certainly a great range of toys there, something for everyone.
The Salvo's are a great cause too, well done.
As for being a kid who never grew up, the saying goes, "growing older is compulsory, growing up is optional"
Most of the folks I see in this forum obviously have chosen to opt out [smile]

Martin L

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It is great fun making toys for children especially having to test drive all the cars and trucks as well as bulldozers, loaders and crane trucks. As long as the colours are bright and colourful.

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Rattler..... theres a lot of work there mate and beautifully made too..well done.
The Salvation Army is a great cause. My granddad was injured on the Somme during WW1 and always had a lot of time for them for the way they helped injured soldiers returning home for convalescence or as he would put it.... "the warm, friendly faces waiting on the train station platforms with a hot cuppa and a smoke"!

As for being a big kid, I'm right there with you mate!! I bought a road legal buggy when I was 40 and my dad asked...."are you ever going to grow up son?"....... "one day maybe dad, but not any time soon"!!!!!!!!!
john lewman

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What a cool display and the toys are super special. You are what toy making is all about!
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