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I love this Toy Making Plan Site.

I had 50 years building high class wooden and brick homes in Auckland New Zealand. I loved the detail and finishing trim the most. The first few years of my apprenticeship I had to only use my hand tools, then one day my boss pushed me out of the van and said here are the plans and there is the timber stack, cut out the house and when you get to the roof framing, cut out a pair of rafters so I can check them, "thrown in the deep end", that's how you learn I guess.

                        Here are a few photos of toys I have tried to build with my CNC.
I have used a 6mm (¼") up down (compression) cut milling bit.

20190211_210351.jpg  These cars are modified from the $3 car carrier plans.

20190211_210310.jpg  These two cars are modified VW and Batman.

20190211_210841.jpg  These are the Antique Show Cars.

20190211_210137.jpg  Super Hauler and Corvett  Carrier Cars.

20190211_210048.jpg  A collection Cars and Trucks.

20190211_210233.jpg  The Kenworth Truck 125% scale and the Powerful Pete Truck.

20190211_205904.jpg  My version of a Box Car Transporter with Powerful Pete Truck.

20190211_205730.jpg  Box Car Transporter with the 125% scale Kenworth Truck

Most of the wheels are plywood using the ply layers to look like treads, but have found a wheel supplier on Etsy with cheap $6.34 $NZD postage, instead $93.00 $NZD from most other US suppliers.

I try to make all the vehicles the same size so they can be mixed and matched.

A lot of work cleaning out the noise from the PDF plans and converting them to "svg" format. We need to encourage John to draw the fancy shaped pieces with no writing on them in "svg" format so they can be loaded straight into the likes of the free "Easel" program which automatically converts to "G Code" for the CNC Router to use. This flow path would be the ultimate dream.
John thank you for the fantastic plans, keep them coming.

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Hi, I think what you have made would look fantastic on any toy shop shelf.  Could you tell me about the CNC?where to get one and how much.?

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Is there a steep learning curve to be able to master the CNC such as you have done? Your work is magnificent.

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Those are Amazing! I am jealous,
Its all fun!

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Hi Kevin,
             I bought a M1 which is a 600 x 600 one (24" x 24") from this company which they build them selves. Have a look at their website which is in New Zealand.

Here is a photo of my CNC router as it came out of the plywood crate with it's Aussie and New Zealand style 3 pin plug 240 volt, ready to plug in.600 x 600 bed (24" x 24"), 750 x 750 mm foot print. (30" x 30") The CNC router is a Makita RT0700C model witch may be made to use 110 volt US power if you are in the USA. Give them a call.


 My CNC router is GRBL based using smoothie firmware, software, what ever you call it. I edit John's plans with a free program called Inkscape which converts PDF files to SVG files which I in put into Inventables free "Easel" program, saving to SVG format which converts to G code to cutting item out. Sounds hard but once you have worked thru once or twice it's a lot easier, this is called a work.
If we can talk John into drawing or saving his plans, the shapes that need to be cut with the router in SVG format the process would be real easy,(sorry John)



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Hi Rob,
          The following is an answer that KellyBurns NKY wrote in another post on work flow,
"Its a matter of how the PDF files are generated from  The result is a bunch of line segments and arcs.  Its not just files from this site.  I actually run into this a great deal when I try to convert PDF based plans".
Don't be put off by all this, it's not all that hard, young school kids master it and make great projects. Age is no barrier, if you can type, copy and paste and watch youtube videos, put it altogether and the free program "Easel" will convert it and tell the CNC router to cut it out.

"Rather than go through the details, this video does a good job of showing the exact problem and how to fix it in Inkscape. "


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Hi marter1229 "Terry",

Thank you for your kind comments.

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