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Have to make about 86 track segments for my Abrams Tank model (for client) - rather than cut them all manually and sticking on the each of the small guide blocks - I decided to set it up in Cut2D and trial fully cutting the unit.

Attached is a side view of the unit (600mm - 24"long). Initial trial for three segments took <5mins. Now that it works well I set it up to cut in lots of 10. Should work fine. The fit is great.
I have also made a jig to drill the hole through the connecting 'tongues' and round the edges.

All the track rollers are already cut from maple and waiting to go!!

I will be adding quite a bit more detail that depicted in the original T&J plans and using a turned Aluminium or Brass barrel and metal railings as well as Plastruct checker-plate #91682, on part of the top carriage.


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Click image for larger version - Name: Track segment - CNC.JPG, Views: 43, Size: 145.87 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 15.JPG, Views: 50, Size: 129.13 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 14.JPG, Views: 58, Size: 228.38 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Exploded pic-1.jpg, Views: 59, Size: 231.73 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: 18.JPG, Views: 47, Size: 125.59 KB 

john lewman

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Hi Tony-I am just getting started with my research on CNC machines and I appreciate your post. I am way late on replying and look forward to seeing more from you about your CNC experiences. This is some super work.

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Looks pretty complicated to me. 

Michael Lusk
Springfield, Tn. 
Disabled Vet Woodworking Hobbyist


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Originally Posted by mlusk123
Looks pretty complicated to me. 

You got that right.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

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