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Trailer Hitch - Another Modification you can do to your Play Pals

Join me as I demonstrate how to make a strong trailer hitch add-on, which can be adapted to many of the toy vehicles and trucks you make from plan sets.

This article will focus on the trailer hitch construction.

We will look at the materials required 2 Materials Requried.jpg  and a jig to help you drill in the centre of a short length of dowel 5 Drill Dowel.jpg .

I will be demonstrating my technique on the Play Pals VW Bug, Mini-Van and Truck.
13A Installed Hitches.jpg  Here are a sample of some of the trailers I made for my Play Pals.
23 Play Pal Trailers.jpg 
And here they are at play - Picking up some wood to make toys and bring home a project car from the sandblasting shop.

24 VW n Trailer.jpg 
25A Truck n Trailer.jpg 
How I made the various trailers will be demonstrated in an up and coming Forum post also.

Click on the photo below, which is a link to the downloadable Trailer Hitch instructional pdf.
15 VW n Trailer.jpg 

Happy Toymaking Trailer Hitches
Imants Udris (Udie)

Ken Martin

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Well My Friend You Did It Again
Another great idea and post to share with the rest of us.
Great ideas.
I like the little fat bed trailer with the stake sides.  That is cute.
Good Job

Ken: Thanks Ken, I think I should make a couple for the Martin Motors also - Udie

Kenneth W Martin
phantom scroller

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Udie good idea there's no metal parts to injure the little ankle biters. lol
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