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hi cynthia
thank you for your kind words.the process i use to paint is as follows
1-sand each component
2-undercoat( i use a house prime and seal undercoat
4-hand paint[ mostly i use an enamel gloss[
5-after 24 hours a light sand and then another coat of paint
6- repeat step 5 until you get the desired result,
i find that some colours need more coats to achieve the desired result.
for some components  i do use spray paint in aerosol cans,in these cases i follow the first 3 steps then  build the coat up with light spraying.
the choice of colours available to me in the enamel paint is a bit limited so the way around this is by using sample pots from the hardware store and getting them to tint it to the desired colour.the sample pots are a satin finish,but a coat of clear gloss can fix that.
also the added bonus of using sample pots is the cost,$2.50 for a sample pot as opposed to $15 for a pot of enamel .the blue truck with hi loader is an example of using the sample pot paint,but it hasn't got a gloss clear coat on it.
anyway,i hope you all find this helpful.
cheers kel

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Awesome job on these. Wondering how long it takes you to build them?  Looking at maybe trying to make one for my Grandson for Christmas 

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hi bodacious2
i think it took me about 2 months to complete this set.i work full time and do split shifts,so when i'm doing a build,i have to do all the noisy machine work on my days off.then when i get home from work at night ,about9.30pm,i will do all the painting,sanding and glue up.
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