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If you have ever visited India or SE Asia you will be familiar with the little 3 wheeled vehicles that are used as Taxi's - the Tuk-Tuk. There seem to be almost as many designs as there are countries where they are used so it doesn't really matter what the ones I have made look like there is a high probability that there is a real life version somewhere ( a bit like Dragons in that regard).

The biggest problem to overcome was how to construct the front wheel assembly. There seem to be 2 designs used and the problem was how to interpret them in such a way as they would retain some realism but have the strength to allow the toy to be played with. Time will tell if I have succeeded.
That's a 6inch rule so that you can get an idea of the size

For a bit of fun I added the peg people. With an eye to safety they are glued in place as are their hats.
    P1000247.JPG  The materials used are MDF and plywood - the people are made from dowel rod. The wheels are made using a hole saw and cleaned up on the disc sander.
These have been a lot of fun to design and build - even my wife thinks they're cute!

john lewman

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Hi Shady,

I was thrilled to see your extremely creative design for an Indian Tuk-Tuk wood toy. I am very familiar with these wonderfully fun little taxis and am excited about how you created such an appealing toy. The toys capture the personality and joy of the little gems. We are looking forward to seeing more of you and your work on the forum.

Thanks for sharing, John

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Very well done and quite enjoyable post.

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Theres are a great toy, nice to see some people enjoying there ride any child would love playing with them enen a few grown up kids .
Nothing beats sanding in the sun

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These are very cute.  Looks like lots of play fun. 
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