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Hi I want to build the Lorry for a Xmas gift can anyone suggest a U.K. Wood to use that gets a great paint finish like the pictures on the web site?

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I would say any type of wood, pine or mdf. id say to get a good paint job its down to preparation, sand the wood smooth and sand between coats 240 gritt.

I finish mine off with car clear coat 2 or 3 layers sanding inbetween, Hope this helps a bit. Gary

I'm in Kent, south east England.

Nothing beats sanding in the sun

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I build all my toys from reclaimed Pine. I purchase on the likes of EBay pine wardrobes and pay no more than £15 Look for a local sale and collect. Most of the furniture will breakdown into sections to make transport easy.  You will be amazed just how much wood you will get from the wardrobe and they only have a very thin coat of finish on them so sanding is also easy.

I colour all my sections before assembly (remember not to paint the glue area)using Acrylic paint and after complete assembly give a light sanding then finish using a water based gloss lacquer up to 3 coats sanding between each coat.

Look at some of the toys I have posted to see how good my finishes are.

I am based in North Wales should you want to get in contact




john lewman

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Excellent suggestion Ken. I have done this and found that the pine used for furniture is of a good quality for toys.

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When I did not have any scrap wood, I would always check the scrap bin at the local home improvement stores. Any wood should work well, a few things to keep in mind: knots, cracks, and moisture. Visually inspect the lumber for defects, and you don't really need a moisture meter, just take a quick sniff of the board, if it is really strong, a good bet that there is alot of moisture, which you do not want. I also used to scan my area on trash day, there are always people throwing something away. I'm in the USA, but I am sure my advice applies to anywhere there is a woodworker!

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage
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