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Udie's DIY Block Plane Sander

I did not know what to call it so I made up a name. It looks like an antique block plane but it is a sander you can easily make in a few minutes.
I call it a Block Plane Sander.

1 6032 A.jpg  Green Right Arrow.jpg  2 6036 A.jpg   Equal Sign Green A.jpg 

3 6052 A.jpg 
Easy to build, easy to use, easy to replace the sandpaper and best of all no hand cramps when trying to hold sandpaper over a block of wood while sanding.

Click on the attached PDF file link and make a few for your workshop.

pdf Udies DIY Block Plane Sander.pdf  
Happy Toy Making - Block Plan Sander
Imants Udris (Udie)
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Udie a good name for it, looks just like a block planer alright,great idea.
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