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Udie's Peterbilt Trailer Mod - Flavour #1 - Tanker Trailer

If we are going to have a gas station (Truck Stop), then we are going to need gas delivered to it to support it's business. So, I built a Gas Tanker trailer to support this requirement.

Small World Peterbilt Truck Stop

IMG_5683 B.jpg 
IMG_5686 B.jpg 
This is a very simple build. When I built the Peterbilt Trailer as per the plan set, remember I mentioned that I also cut and bagged extra assembly parts as spares or for when I got in the mood to make additional trailers of different flavours. This is a perfect example of having pre-made components at hand.

I purchased a short length of handrail, used on stairs for the tank body.
It's profile, I felt, was perfect for making this component.

IMG_5682 B.jpg 
I also attached a modified Landing Gear assembly to this trailer.  Modified in so much that I reduced the time and effort in making it. I used rectangular pieces of wood to make the pivot blocks and did not spend the time to round over the bottom edges. It looks pretty good to me. Here it is shown in the lowered position.

IMG_5699 A.jpg 

Looking at the first photo posted, let us look at some of the extra details.

Red peel-n-stick automotive pin strips were adhered on the edge of the flat bed. Then the edges were sealed with craft varnish. By sealing the edges, it reduces the possibility of the pin strips to be accidently pealed off during play.

Signage - very simple to make. I downloaded a group of photos/clip-art of the signage I wished to use and printed them on peel-n-stick shipping labels. Cut them out, attached them to the tanker and once again covered them with craft varnish. Now the label has a protective coating and the edges have been sealed preventing them from being easily pealed off.

Now, let us look at the red taillights and discuss the pro's and con's of using these as accent pieces.
These are peel-n-stick Glitter Stickers available from the dollar store/craft store. They are available in various colour combinations. This package of red and clear are excellent for headlights and taillight details.

IMG_5714 B.jpg 

On this tanker trailer build I stuck them on to the back of the trailer just for show. This trailer will not be leaving the workshop with these accent pieces attached in this manner as shown in the first photo posted. Obviously this trailer is not acceptable to be used by a child under the age of 3 because of these small breakaway pieces and other small components on this assembly - choking hazard.

All my toy projects are made using 100% wood and secured in place to the best of my ability using glue and hidden dowels. Even when metal was use, such as with the Play Pal Trailer Hitch, I buried the metal in wooden dowels, making them invisible.

I have used these stickers on other projects that will be used by an older child. But -  I have attached them in a more secure manner. I drill a shallow hole to the same diameter and epoxy the component into the recessed hole and then apply a small bead of craft varnish sealing the edges. This make it more difficult to accidently pop them off. When I feel like being creative I have used the Glittering Stickers for my personal enjoyment as seen in the prototype builds below.

IMG_5716 B.jpg 

IMG_5719 B.jpg 

I would not use these Glittering Stickers for any toy which would be offered at craft shows or any internet sales.

Traditionally, these details would be made from wood, primarily dowels as seen in another group of prototype builds below.

IMG_5721 B.jpg 

IMG_5722 B.jpg 
As experienced toy makers, you know that these accent details take little time to make and greatly add to the appearance of the project you are making.

Hope you enjoyed my Peterbilt Tanker Trailer Flavour #1.
IMG_5686 B.jpg 
Happy Toy Making - Peterbilt Trailers
Imants Udris (Udie)
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Udie, you need to stop making these new flavours, my brother owns a trucking company and has seen this truckstop set. He has already asked if I would build him one whne I have time, now I will have to add these new trailers and make extra trucks for him [biggrin].

Actually, I love this kind of toy, I was a driver for 18 years before my back injury, so this is really cool stuff to me. The shape is perfect for a gas hauler, both my brother and I have driven tankers in the past. The next one would be adding a shaped block to the front of the box trailer to create a refrigerated tailer, but I think Ken already did that one.

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   Thanks for the compliments buddy, but guess what, I am still thinking of other trailers to make. John even spoke about coming up with a design for a car carrier with cars that will match the scale of this truck. That is why I say, if you are set up to cut one piece, you might as well cut for more then bag and tag them and put them in a project storage container. They will always come in handy and you are ready for quick rebuild request.
   Ken did modify the Kenworth project by adding the refrigeration unit. Now you have given me an idea to make another trailer also with a refrigeration unit - thanks. Got any other ideas for trailers?
   Sounds like you are going to be pretty busy in the shop making truck and trailers, enjoy.


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   Well, there are several more types of trailers that could go with the Peterbuilt. Some examples, end dump, side dump, bottom dump, container and chassis, dropdeck flatbed, dropdeck furniture/electronics van, heavy haul trailer with removeable gooseneck(RGN), and a multitude of specialty trailers for specific loads, such as boats, oversize loads, very large steel drums, and other such loads.  And of course the different configurations of the flatbed, flat, curtainside, sidekit, and conestoga.That should keep you busy for a while [smile].
I think I just made my own list longer, oh well, it will be fun.
Steve Currier

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Steve (sjc5454) - Now you have just given me a pile of work to do also. I am not familiar with all the trailer types you have defined. So my friend, I guess I'll have to put a pot of coffee on - sit down and surf the net for a while and educate myself. Thanks for the ideas.

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Tanker Landing Gear In Action

Here are a sequence of photos of the Landing Gear
          Attached to the cab.
          Raised from the cab showing clearance.
          In the 'Up' position.
          In the 'Down' position.

IMG_5754 A.jpg 

IMG_5756 A.jpg 
IMG_5757 A.jpg 
IMG_5759 A.jpg 


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Wow....awesome,lovely toy.

Wholesaletoys - Thanks for the compliment. This was a very easy trailer to build - Udie
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