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Udie's - Simple Build - Painting Stand Offs

This is my response to Frankg's challenge from his 08/09 Forum Post titled "Paint Pedestals" in the Forum section titled "Painting Tips & Techniques".

Frankg's challenge was to come up with a design for paint pedestals or as I call mine paint stand offs.
The challenge specified four (4) design parameters ... which were:
     Cut a triangle to get a pointy tip.
     Make it strong (to be able to support an item of some weight)
     Use every day materials.
     Make it quick.

Well Frankg - here is my submission to your challenge.

1 Stand Off Under Weight.jpg 
That my friend is two (2) bricks weighing close to 5 pounds each for a total weight of 10 pound being supported by three (3) pointy tipped triangles made from 1/16" thick cardboard which was repurposed from the household recycling bin.

The attached PDF will show you how I made a paper template with dimensions, then a cardboard template, the stand off cardboard cutouts, and final assembly.
These stand offs are stackable, strong and quick builds.

Hope you enjoy the PDF and Happy Painting your Toy Making projects.
Imants Udris (Udie)

pdf Cardboard Paint Stand Offs.pdf     

Ken Martin

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I was sure when I saw the challenge from Frankg you would come up with something.

Thanks for attaching the PDF as to how you made these standoffs.

Again the forum comes through for the us.
Thanks Frankg and Udie.

Kenneth W Martin
phantom scroller

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Nice one Udie I did have a chuckle to myself, great work and it works. thanks for the challenge put out there Frank.

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Hey Udie,

I knew that you could do it! Great job and I will more that likely use your idea to replace mine. Once the initial pattern is made the rest is smooth sailing. Although you used cardboard, I'll stick to my cereal boxes at I have a lot at hand. I have another idea which I'll share soon. Right now my camera battery is charging up so I won't be able to take a picture till it's ready. So later ............................... Congratulations Udie! Good job![cool]
Any other ideas are always welcome. Can be any concept with the same basic criteria.

Frank Galica
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