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Udie's - Super Simple - Super Strong - Paint Stand Offs

Here is another simple paint stand off which will handle quite a lot of weight.
Below is a photo showing the combined weight of just under 20 pounds on only two (2) stand offs.
It was raining today, so I did not go out to gather more paving stones to see what the total capacity was before collapsing.

1 Weight 20 Pounds.jpg 

The attached PDF below shows you how to make dozens of them in minutes.

pdf Udie's Super Simple Super Strong Paint Stand Offs.pdf     

Sorry Frankg - no pointy tip - had to sacrifice the point for increased strength.

Enjoy and Happy Toy Making
Imants Udris (Udie)

john lewman

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Thanks again Imants, for a quality post. This is an ideal setup for priming and painting large toys. That is an unbelievable amount of weight being supported.

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OK Udie,

So your next challenge is to make them strong enough to hold my car up for painting!! [wink] Hee, hee!

Frank Galica
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