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What in the World are these?
1 Wheel Spacers.jpg

These are “Udie’s Wheel Mounting Spacers“.

I took a used gift credit card (or you can pick up a couple new ones at any vendor who offers gift cards).

Cut it into strips – drilled a 1/2" hole in the centre of each strip and then cut the bottom out as shown in the centre piece.


Here is what I started with.

2 The Card.jpg 

How are the used and why are they necessary?

They are used when attaching wheels to a vehicle.

It does not matter if you are using a pass thru axle or axle pins/pegs, the problem remains the same.

How do I get a space between the back side of the wheel and the vehicle’s body to allow the wheel to spin freely and hold it in place while the glue dries?

3 How Used.jpg 

Here’s how.

Place the Wheel Mounting Spacers on the vehicle so that the cutout is around your axle hole.

If you have already mounted fenders and other details, then cut the spacer to fit your needs.

The opening should then be facing the top and not as I have shown facing down.

You need a way to remove the spacer after the glue has set; you have to slide it out from the bottom.


The spacer does three (3) things for you.

It provides the gap necessary for a free spinning wheel and provides a flat surface which the wheel will rest on while the glue is setting.

And, if there is a little bit of glue squeeze out, the glue will not stick to the plastic.

To ensure the glue squeeze out, if any, does not glue the wheel in place, rotate the wheel every once in a while as the glue is curing.

How thick is the Wheel Mounting Spacer

4 How Thick.jpg

This gift card is 1/32” thick.

More than enough for a free spinning wheel using an axle pin/peg or pass thru axles.

If you wish to reduce this width, then all you have to do is find some thinner material to make your own spacers.

In use example.

5 Real World.jpg

Here I am gluing the wheels to the Rockin' Rollers Freaky Ford.

Do not assume that I am mounting the wheels using axle pins/pegs.

In this case I am not.

The wheels are mounted to a pass thru axle and I have cut the tenon length of the axle pins/pegs short to add the hub detail.

 Give it a try and Happy Toy Making!



john lewman

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Now that is a tasty little treat. What a great idea. I have fussed with this problem for over 50 years! I'm anxious to see the completed toy car. Looks like a 1940 Ford coupe in the works! Thanks for posting a very useful tip.

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Hi udie
Great little tip there I use a piece of steel but I have no way of leaving in place while glue dries your method is much better and I will be cutting up Sylvia's credit card tomorrow, that will kill two birds with one stone kerb her spending and giving me wheel spacers win win in my book

Jonkc - 39 years ago I discussed my wife's spending habits once, I asked her "Do you not think your spending a little too much lately ... her reply was ... No ... I just do not think your making enough!" And I never mentioned it again, and we are still married. Good luck with your card cutting tomorrow - buddy!


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Great idea Udie.  I use the same method as Johnkc.  I think I'll try your idea.
cynthia lewman

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Genius. I love discovering your surprise "Easter Eggs" that keep popping up in the forum!

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Here is a tip I have been using for the scroll saw the opening is really to big for any scrolling of small objects so what I have is several dozen fuel cards that I used while I was driving truck these card were headed for the trash till one day when I needed to cut a small piece in the scroll and there layed the fuel cards. I took a card and drilled a small hole in the center of it and then threaded a blade through it and mounted the saw in its holders the card at this point was free to find its own center as soon as it was where it wanted to be I used painters tape and taped it to the top of the scroll table it worked better than a Zero Clearance insert. When not in use I have it taped to the arm of my scroll saw that way it is always where I know it is. - Don
Ken Martin

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Like your idea a whole lot better than mine.  I was using those green hanging file folders, but yours will be more permeate.  If you do need thinner spacers the file folders work good because they are just thick enough to be stiff.

I will use your idea next time.


Kenneth W Martin
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