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I'm a raw Amateur when it comes to toy making, just started picking it up for a  rainy day hobby.Had some conversation with Udie on this project about the Bow angle and then cutting it to fit. Udie helped greatly and we are lucky to have a go to person like him at this forum. I was working on a idea of a jig for the miter saw to help with this cut, and Udie suggested to post it here, hope it makes sense to you that read this. Once I figured out the Jig ,it makes cutting the angles faster and easier. Also the first project I tried was the Mercedes Stake-bed Truck for my Great Grandson ,a few pics of that are here also.

Work from the left side of the Miter Saw. Make same cut on both pieces, then flip one over to assemble.This is for part #5 the Bow sides

Pic #1cut out line drawing for part #5, use the bottom of drawing,make 2 copies to use because you will be working from the left side, once you see the cut you can make the cut over and over with out a stencil to follow

Pic#2 glue to edge of part #5
Pic #3 Cut 20 Degree bevel cut , lay piece flat on table cut at line 3.JPG 

Pic #4, Jig.. The angle side is 25 Degree you use this and combined with the 45 Degree angle on the saw gives you the 70 Degree for the cut. The straight side  butts to the saw fence. I put supports to the jig to give work piece more stability also used a 5/8 brad to anchor to jig. I will use a 2x6 for the jig next time. Use the Bow Master part #1 to lay out angle for Jig

Pic #5 and 6 After making the 20 degree Bevel cut ,reset the saw to 0 set up 45 Degree angle to the left. Stand  part #5 on edge,line drawing up,stabilize the part to the Jig, with brad, cut 70 Degree angle, do one more piece



Pic#7,#8 Unglued or painted,well pleased with results



Jig for cutting Part #1 Trace cut lines from plan on to work piece,right side of photo.Lay straight line on mark to make angle. Secure pieces together






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First off - thanks for taking the time photographing and posting your jig.
From what I see and how you did it, it looks perfect and your results show it.
I am sure that is going to help a lot of members when doing this cut.
Second - thanks for the pat on the back, I am now sitting a little taller in my chair right now.
Yep changing your block to a 2x4 will give you more surface to ensure you have you keeper piece perpendicular to the saw blade.
Let's talk about your table saw jig - got a question for you.
Did you put a strip of wood the same thickness as the piece your were cutting under the plywood piece close to the table saw fence. I only ask because I was wondering if you put to much downward pressure on the plywood, close to the rip fence it might tilt your cut just a little.

Thanks for posting more of your excellent truck.

Here's a couple of chop saw jigs I downloaded from the net. They just might be of interest to you for any future challenges.

Chop saw 90 jig.jpg  chop saw 90 jig 2.jpg 


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Is it artificial yacht or you are really making this? please let me know how to give shape in any yacht and if you have any idea knock me as I am planning a yacht group who will provide yacht service anywhere and you can also join in this team
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