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To all,
John sent me the plans to test out for these simple but very nice and fun little puzzles that can be given to young children.

I made these with different woods and then the puzzle images, which were printed out on glossy photo paper, was adhered to the wood with spray adhesive.

The puzzle holder are made with two layers, one a solid 6" square piece and the other a 6" square piece that has the puzzle shape cut out. I used several types of wood for contrast; cherry, oak, swamp ash, and aromatic cedar.
I also glued the images onto different types of woods, which doesn't show up in the picture; holly and cherry.


I then glued up the puzzle boards, shown here taped and with the puzzle pieces in place.
After they dried I sanded the edges even and smooth and gave all sides another sanding to get everything ready for finishing.  IMG_2289.JPG 
I gave the puzzle boards a clear coat. I'm sure some will feel this is not safe for kids, but if the child is monitored, there should be no issues. Besides, it's fun to watch the little ones work at figuring them out. I did not put any finish on the puzzle pieces, choosing to let the glossy photo paper be enough.

These will be a great plan to have when you need something easy and quick to give as a gift for a young child. I probably put no more than 2 hours into making these.

Keep making sawdust!


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These are so cute!!! They would be an awesome small gift for children!
john lewman

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These are beautifully done with impeccable workmanship. Thanks for posting! FYI-our forum has 100+ members on the forum every day. Only a few of our members participate by posting comments but it is a very active forum with lots of research done every day.Your work is getting lots of looks. 

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Very cute.
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