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John T

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Recently I ran a hardware store where we cut timber and board to size for our customers.
My problem is after closing the store I have quite a lot of 16mm MDF off cuts, being the thickness most used for cabinets etc. Ideally I would like to use these up before buying more material. All the plans I have looked at ask for 18mm thick. Does anyone have an idea on how I can go about using 16mm.
Thanking you in anticipation
John T

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John T
Can you not just adjust the plan to use 16mm?
Ken Martin

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John T

If you have the plans on a computer when you go to print the next set you can reduce the size before you print down to what you want to fit your lumber.
If you have the plans on paper, most printers will copy smaller by using the reduce button.

That is one way.

Kenneth W Martin

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These would be great for templates and tracing patterns if you plan to make a lot of specific things.  Otherwise use them on parts were thickness is not a critical dimension.
John T

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Yes of course!!
Thank you very much two Ken's.
KenFM adjusting the plans is the way to go.
As you suggest Ken Martin I do have the plans on my computer. How simple print at 89%. Very clever thank you so much[smile].
Banderson I do make jigs and templates with some but I have such a lot.
It took two trips with a trailer that holds 2 cubic meters to shift it. Some pieces are as small as 200 x 200 mm but I couldn't let it go to waste. If you lived close to me I would gladly share. 
Thanks a heap
I am one Happy Chaapy
John T

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