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First of all I would love to thank everyone who has been posting here.  I am a newbie to this forum and site but in the last week or so I have really been impressed with the quality of work and the eagerness of others to share information.
   My question  Is anyone using airbrushes to paint their toys.

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I use an airbrush sometimes for a doing highlights or shading. They also work great for masking shapes and designs that are hard to paint by hand.

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Indy82 - Welcome and thanks for joining the Forum. Sounds like your enjoying what you see. Don't forget to look at the other tabs on the home page.
I've played around with my airbrush on some toys when I really want to do something really fancy. All my equipment is packed up in the cupboard, right now, until I can make a decent in-house filter/exhaust system.
But I can tell you this - I have gotten great results watering down craft paints. I have seen model airplane people use craft paints watered down with windshield fluid. The soap in the fluid helps the spray and the alcohol helps in the drying times. However, drying times are a little longer than when using water.


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Thanks Udie
I have never heard of using windshield washer fluid.  I will try that
As for the other tabs this is a great sight to get lost in and dream  LOL
Thanks everyone for the welcomes.
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