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I don't know how many out there used a foam brush for painting. I decided to give it a try on one of my projects. I just loved the results. Smooth finish and good coverage. No strokes as from a paint brush. If you haven't already, give it a try. Best to use on open surfaces, but you can use them on tight spots/ crevices as well.

The nice thing about these is they can be used over and over. And super easy to clean. Rinse under running water (if using water based paints) and gently squeeze out the excess paint. Pat dry and your ready to go again. Always clean right after using, otherwise once the paint dry's, it's useless.  They are also cheap and available in hardware and craft stores.

The photos show some project pieces I've painted with the foam brush.

Dsc08217.jpg  DSC08216.JPG 

Frank Galica
john lewman

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Thanks Frank, I find this very useful. I've used these when painting house interiors but never for toys. It looks like it works great and I have seen several different sizes at Home Depot. I will be adding these to my toy finishing tools.
Ken Martin

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Thanks Frank
Good idea and I will be giving them a try.
Anything to help painting smoother.  
Thanks Again

Kenneth W Martin
phantom scroller

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Thanks Frank never thought of using sponges, I always see them used in decorating and never tried them, might give it a try.

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Frank - Good tip - thanks. I think I'll give them a try when painting large areas and even smaller areas as you have demonstrated.
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