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Well That was the original plan but as we all know what happens to plans.
For 15 Years My wife and I ran a micro business Hand making Wooden Jewel boxes from Tasmanian Native Timbers.
The 4 species we used mostly were, Huon Pine, Myrtle, Black Heart Sassafras and Blackwood
I purchased my timber in log form from Island Specialty Timbers and got it milled by them to my requirements.
After 15 years we decided we needed a change , so I decided I would finish some of my long started Wooden  Model Projects.
I was showing a mate some of them and He mentioned His Wife had just purchased a stall site at Salamanca market, ($80,000 for the site and every thing sold has to be approved by the Hobart City Council).
After discussions with her I agreed To make some wooden toys with less detail than my models so they could be priced reasonably.
Originally to be made out of off cuts, THERE GOES THAT PLAN.
Six months down the track and turning out Low Detail wooden Toys all aproved by the Council Market Committee.
I have included some of my toys, and before someone comments about the screws used in the plane and Helicopter the Pic was taken before modifications were made to them so they would meet Council child safe Regulations, which only allow me to use Food grade oil as a finish.

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john lewman

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Yours is an amazing journey and a fascinating story. Thank you for the fine photos. They show your high level of craftsmanship and understanding of woods and finishes. It is all very inspiring!

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Nice work AJ!
Makes me wish I had luggage space to have bought some exotic Tassie timber while I was at the Hobart Wooden Boat festival last weekend.
Particularly love the lines  and timber use in the helicopter.

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If you are heading down this way again mate let me know, I am sure I can find you some good timber in one of my storage sheds.
Did you have a look at Salamanca Market while you were here ?
The toys I make are mostly simple design and with the restrictions on the finish I can use it some times makes it hard to get them to look as good as paint would.
The Prime mover is made out of 6 pieces timber and are super quick to make.
I am starting to laminate more timbers for the toys to get more color into them.

Rod T

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Some damn fine toys indeed. 

Those are some of the finest timbers in the world (My opinion of course) 
I absolutely love working with Tassie Myrtle and Sassafras. 
Very expensive here in Canberra, but I get a bit from time to time. 

Hope you sell lots.

Rod T

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