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I have just completed this fleet of Fords with and Australian theme having added Bull Bars and Side Steps. I also made the roof so it could open as all the kids I make for all want to have their variety of little people sit in the seats. The vehicle was made from an amended and simplified plan and enlarged to 115% so it would match up with the full size horse trailer. The trailer has 2" wheels and the truck has 21/4" wheels. I also changed the rear bumper to be a tow bar rather than use the tailgate. They were all made using craftwood mdf and sealed with sanding sealer before spray painting. The sealer really stops the undercoat soaking in to the edges. DSC05573.jpg  DSC05574.jpg  DSC05575.jpg  DSC05576.jpg  DSC05578.jpg  DSC05579.jpg 

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Wow!  The finish looks flawless on these and I like the addition of the bull bar.  Great work!

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Brilliant! You really did a great job on the paintwork.

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That is one fine set of trucks. I like the mods

Thanks for sharing these ...[thumb]

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]
john lewman

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OMG! This is unbelievable. I love the finishes and detailing. This is a fine example of a wood toy project and it is so perfect. Wow!
Rod T

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An awesome group of trucks.
Great mods and those bull bars and side steps look fantastic. 

I also love the colours.

I haven't made this truck yet, you have inspired me to get onto it.
My brother in-law has a Ford Ranger dual cab and I told him I was going to make him one for xmas last year. Maybe xmas this year.

Rod T


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wow...seeing the steering wheel on the wrong side...oops Its on the right side there I guess!  Really great work! Thanks for sharing!
Nothing is as it seems!
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