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john lewman

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Hi Team,

I needed a break from the detailed and tedious work on the manuscript for the Starfleet X-Wing and Peterbilt Transport. So, I am piddling with the MoTown Series for a little bit each day. You probably have seen the MoTown Car Carrier sketches on the forum. I spent a few minutes sketching up a tow truck concept this morning. I would appreciate any ideas or input you might have as I flesh out the idea. This is the same scale as the Starfleet Peterbilt and X-Wing as is the MoTown Car Carrier in a previous post. Thanks!


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Wow, you definate got you 10,000 hours in. 

Oh, I love the wreaker.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Rod T

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Awesome tow truck John. I like the detail which is not overly complex. 
Should make it a pretty quick and easy build.
I am really looking forward to this set.

There is probably scope for 2 plans sets here, the original carrier and 4 cars and then this tow truck and another 2 different cars perhaps. The second set a bit like Jakes Garage.
I have been pondering whether I can make a set where one of the wheels on the cars are removable, so that the little person can pretend play with changing flat tyres etc. Not sure how to do this as I am worried about the wheel being a choking hazard and/or getting lost.

This is a video that I can watch over and over.
You are a very talented and skilled man.
Whenever I try to freehand draw a circle it comes out looking like a triangle.

Rod T


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Looks like a great tow truck, John, I love the sketching, wish I could do that! I look forward to seeing a finished plan, although I'm not sure I can keep up with all these great new designs!

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 I love the sketching!  just wondering about some exhaust stacks?[biggrin]
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