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Wanting to add some stock for my first upcoming market stall, I decided to build a set or two of these great little planes.
I chose to build the F5 first as it looked easier than the other two, but realised it was the only one with engine nacelles cut in two planes (no pun intended) and it took a couple of goes to get them right.
I applied too much edge radius on the plywood wing and exposed the inner layer, spoiling the look.  The completed model looked a bit spindly, and the wingtip tanks were broken off by the first person to handle it, so I decided that one of these was enough.

The Phantom was a good build, although its tricky part came with the crossed slots for rudder and tailplane. I finally achieved a neat rudder slot by only partially cutting the profile, leaving a flat base to rest the body on the scrollsaw table whilst I cut the slot. It would have been a lot easier with a bandsaw, but I don't have one of these (yet). I clamped a fence to the table to get a straight cut, cut the side furthest from the fence, then spaced the body out with a bit of the same ply used for the rudder to get a parallel cut the right width. Finished off the body profile afterwards. As I intend these toys for young children, for safety sake I eliminated the "sawtooth" notch in the leading edge of the wing.
 Made another two of these before I felt I had the confidence to tackle the F16, which looked a bit more complicated.

As it turned out, the F16 was not as hard as it looked.
I made a small mod to the tailplane profile to allow me to cut a single block for the fuselage end, which I then drilled to take the exhaust nozzle  dowel.
Making the rudder slot slightly shorter allowed me to create a "tab" on the bottom of the rudder so that when assembled, there was no notch visible. ( should have woken up to this from the start)

The lower fuselage/airscoop parts were fiddly to make, but the finished toy is very recognisable as an F16 ( thanks John).
Again, in the interests of safety and durability, I left off the pointy wingtip rockets.

 I made another three of these, as my cheer squad liked them the most.
20191123_134635.jpg  20191123_134703.jpg  20191123_134716.jpg 

All in all, I found these little planes a very satisfying build, expanding my techniques  and creating some "right-sized" inexpensive toys for my market stall.
20191123_135010.jpg  20191128_102216.jpg 


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looking good I have made some airplanes

cynthia lewman

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Your planes are absolutely beautiful, Wombat! Well done my friend 😉
john lewman

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Absolutely pro workmanship. Thanks for the wonderful write-up and photos. This made my day!
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