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Thanks Everyone for the really nice comments.

George, anyone can paint like I do, because I am really not that good with brush painting.  I think this time the plys in the plywood hid enough of the brush strokes so it looks better than usually.

One thing however, this is the first toy I have done that actually looks better in real life than in the photos.  The photos with this much shine, and being that close up, show every little dust bit and flaw in the wood.  

Udie:  We have been painting a lot with the Metallics lately, but Susie does not like the Red Metallic because it has to much pink in it, and when I saw the pin strip color I went with the plain Red and Black craft paints, that really finish dull.  So the first coat is sanded really heavy, the second much lighter, and the third only gets buffed with a synthetic pad (which is like buffing with 0000 steel wool).  The synthetic pad makes even the dull craft paint shine.  So when you put on the Krylon's Triple Clear Coat you get a really high shine.

Trick to using Krylon Triple Clear Coat is to get the 1 coat fairly thick without letting it run, then wait
1-1/2 to 2 minutes and re spray right away.  That is the best way to get a really deep shine with the Triple Clear Coat.

Wheels:  The wheels for the truck called for 1-1/4" wheels, and the trailer and cars are 1" wheels.  You know me, not much thinking involved, so I just used the wheels I had.  Of course they are different types on wheels.

Strips:  As I said before the strips are pin strips from an auto body store.  Cheap and covered with the Clear they should not come off.  That is part of the reason I hid the ends behind the wheels.

I will be using more of the pin strips in future projects.  I liked the added detail.

Thanks again everyone for the nice comments.

Kenneth W Martin
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