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This flag is 31" x 20", is made out of Pine 2x4s. Rqs five 8' 2x4s. (see Note 1).  Disclaimer, I have completed one and started a second.  More learning to come I am sure.  Great news, try one was not a epic failure.

The 13 stripes are 1.5" width w varying depths up to 1.75".  The wave is a progression sine wave over the 31 inches that progresses 0.5" every stripe from 1 to 13 (from top or bottom). Recommend - marking the 13 stripe boards.  I made a template, then scribed each progression on each of the thirteen boards, I used a jigsaw to cut out the two halves of each stripe (see Note 2).  The 13 stirpes have proud "edges" from the brother and sister boards when assembled in order.  Clamp the 13 stripes into a box, smooth these proud edges into a uniform wave across the 13 stripes.  Simply said, takes patience and a steady hand to execute.  I use an 10K RPM angle grinder with a wood grinding wheel, then progress w 4in angle grinder 80 and 120 grit sanding disks, then progress to other sanding machines to include hand sanding to a smooth 220grit.  I do not have a variable speed angle grinder - but if you are buying one, a variable speed will help with all aspects of shaping and sanding.

Separate the 13 stripes paint the whites and reds. I used spray paint, four coats (Note 3).  Ensure to mask out the union (Blue) on the upper seven stripes. Mask the stars.  I built a the fifty star field in powerpoint, but you can use any method. I use this as a mask for the unpainted union field.  Mask is blue painters tape w union field glued w Scotch 77 aerosol adhesive.  With an xacto knife score the outline of each of the fifty stars, patience is rqd here, errors with this part will have lasting results in the final product.  Remove the mask, leaving the star field.  Ensure secure adhesion of each star and its five points, better adhesion is less blue migration. Union field is ready for blue paint.  Paint the blue Union Field (four coats). Let dry for two days.... Remove the fifty stars.

Glue all 13 stripes together. Finish coat, Four coats of a poly.

Note 1: This is not my design, I found on uTube and sample jig online.
Note 2: If you cut wisely u can build two flags from the initial five 2x4s. I used a ten tooth jigsaw blade.
Note 3: Be very careful with color sanding between coats. Use new sand paper with each color - or colors will migrate from the sand paper to other colored fields.  primarily red and blue to white.

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Beautiful flag, pat yourself on your back!
Its all fun!
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