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I'm just getting into building toys and I'm looking for a scroll saw that I can get STARTED with. A high end Delta or Dewalt is really not in the cards for me right now and the used market is not very robust here in the small Canadian city in which I live.

Has anyone ever used this saw? It gets pretty good reviews and I have access to this saw at a reasonable price (branded General International, but the same saw). But, as always - 1st hand knowledge is always appreciated. 

Are there any other STARTER alternatives I should be considering? Unfortunately I don't have access to either the Ryobi or any Craftsman saws (not available where I live). Obviously I realize that it isn't appropriate to expect the performance of a $500 tool for $150. Just looking for a tool that can do the basics pretty well for a few years. If I like doing this in a year or two, I would have no problem upgrading to a better saw. If it's collecting dust, then I'll sell it or give it away and go back to making terrible, terrible furniture. 


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I still have an AMT made in Taiwan that I modified to take pin less blades. I've cut lots of things with it over the years including some nice fretwork. If you use good blades and practice with you saw you can do some nice work with it. Make sure the saw will cut the thickness you want. My AMT struggles with cutting car bodies out of 2x4s. 

I also have an RBI Hawk I picked up used. It is so much easier to change the blades that he only time I use the AMT is if the RBI is not working for some reason. It cuts 2x4s with no problem.

I highly suggest you look for used ones. Low end saws turn up frequently on Craigs List.

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I live in Ontario, Canada and have seen a lot of used saw real cheap on kijiji. Not sure of your location but give that's try.


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I looked very hard at the WEN stuff but wasn't able to find anywhere local to look at one in person. Might be great, might not. I have the craftsman scroll below and bought parts to make blade changes tool less. It works very well and I've used it for every toy I have made. However,I wish I had bought the porter cable because it didn't cost much more and the table swings both directions and is much larger. FWIW, my local Sears has a tool repair center, and they have 2 of the craftsman scroll saws refurbished with warranties for $65.00.
The craftsman saw I have:

The porter cable saw:

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Were you able to purchase a scroll saw?
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