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I want to surprise my husband with a bandsaw for his birthday in a few months. He is a beginning woodworker but has been wanting to make rocking horses.

I’m looking at the 14” Grizzly but someone on another forum said it would be better to go with a used Delta or something. I’d rather not look for something used since I know nothing about this or what I’m looking for really and don’t want him to get stuck with something that needs parts or repairs.
Any recommendations for a good but afforadablish bandsaw? Looking for something under a thousand if possible and closer to $500 would be better. Ty in advance!

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I have a Grizzly G0555, 14" with the riser added, allowing me to resaw up to 12". I just put the riser on about 2 years ago. I Bought the saw in 2007, and absolutely love it. Grizzly, in my opinion, has excellent customer service as well. Anytime I have had a question or a problem I have been able to email, or call and get help with no problems or questions asked, other than what is my problem, or how they can help me. In actuality I have had very few problems that were not MY doing, and not the fault of the saw.
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I would stick with the Grizzly 14".  I have had issues with Delta as they change design every few years and do not keep any parts from previous designs.  I have the Grizzly 17" and use it for nearly everything.  I also have a 20 year old 12" Craftsman but it has started showing problems.  The 14" Grizzly has the bearing blade guides which is worth the cost.  I would also order the re-saw fence as eburk mentioned as I buy most of my wood 3/4" t and resaw to the thickness I need.  3/8" t is hard to find if you can at all.


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+1 Grizzly G0555
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