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This was a special gift for a four year old who only wanted a Winnebago similar to others I had made but it had to be pink and purple. I thought it may be overpowering but the result was well received. I have also changed the table from the standard plan and the table and chairs can be taken out and used for little dolls picnics. Winnebago are always a great toy to make but I have reduced the timber sizes to make them lighter for smaller kids. The side walls could go to 9mm and then use 9mm mud guards so the wheels are not too wide. DSC05566.jpg  DSC05567.jpg  DSC05568.jpg  DSC05569.jpg  DSC05570.jpg 

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Very nice.
I bet her face just lite up when you gave it to her.... This is what makes these toy's so much fun to build...

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This is just super. We would love to see a set of photos of you and your 4 year old friend. Or just you if they aren't available for photos.

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That is just a delightful Winnie! She is one luck girl.

If anyone told me that they were going to paint it purple and pink I would of thought them mental but it works. Brilliant!

I did the same thing with mine. I designed the dining table.


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