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Ken Martin

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I want to build the Pirate Ship Madagascar, but am not sure of what woods to use. If I want to build in wood and want to finish with beeswax and want two colors of wood, which woods would be best? Thanks for any help. Ken


Scroll Saw Magic Pirate Ship Madagascar

Kenneth W Martin
john lewman

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Hi Ken,
You ask an important question. Just about any wood works well but my favorite wood for this type of thing is Home Depot's 2' x 4' project panels that are a Danish birch solid core plywood. I have good luck with the panels. They scroll very easily and make a beautiful toy. The thin laminations are very attractive on the edges and add a nice quality detail to the look of the toys. For the different tones of wood you can use a toaster oven to tint the wood. It is a good idea to tint the wood before you saw the parts to shape. I use 400 degrees for 2 hours for dark wood and 1 hour for medium tone wood. It is fun to experiment with toasting and a great advantage is that the wood will be tinted all the way through. Good luck with your project! John
Roe and Milly Elhro

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Thanks for tip. I picked up some of these panel things and this is good stuff. I think its the best wood for me. It is easy to get in the car and easy to saw. I like the way it sands and the Cynthia paste wax goo makes the toy feel and look so good. That wood treat works to make tints. Some of the thin small parts warped and shrunk so now I heat before I cut. Roe
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