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My grandson Aaron, six and a half years old, is desperate to help me in the workshop, so I decided to find a small project for us to build together. After a quick look on the computer, I chose the Quick n Easy Airplane Playpals Cessna Skyhawk.
Although Aaron can't do the whole build, I wanted to involve him in every step, so we started by selecting some suitable materials and Aaron helped me to apply masking tape and glue on the patterns, then we let these dry while we had lunch.
Aaron was able to do some of the cutting out of the wings and tailplane, including some, carefully supervised, cuts on the scroll saw (I refitted all the guards that I don't like to use!).
That evening, I cut out the fuselage, and Aaron came the next day and sanded the parts and applied the glue and clamps to assemble the model. Again, the glue dried during lunch. 
The propeller is made of two lolly sticks (I guess those of you over the Atlantic would call them popsicle sticks?) that Aaron had saved and he chose the screw to hold them on.
We both had great fun making the plane, my only problem now is what to build next!

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My grandson is three. We get some shop time now and then but he mostly hammers on things, plays with sawdust, and the vise. He also likes the drill press. He has his own tape measure and a box full of odds and ends for him to play with and clamp in the vise.  I let him paint some but he gets frustrated with it pretty quick 

I so look forward to building something with him. 

Nice airplane too. I need to make some of these. 

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Nice project and good for Grandpa and Grandson bonding!

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That is so nice that your Grandson is helping you. At that rate he will doing projects on his own quite quickly.

And I say to that: Brilliant!


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Love to hear these stories...memories that will last a lifetime.  They'll look at what you helped them build and remember it fondly.  Thanks for sharing!
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