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I have made a fair number of toys from ToymakingPlans, I did not take pictures of them all, however some I did. 

My wife's favourite-
Car and caravan (1).jpg  This was also the first of the plans I made. We have problems getting suitable timber in the UK and pre made wheels are very difficult to source if not impossible. So I make my own wheels, which is OK but time consuming. 

The following has been made for the incoming Captain of the Royal Blackheath Golf Club as his charity box and in October will stand in the members bar of our circa 1664 built clubhouse. Harvey's are a Sussex brewery in the UK.

Hot Rod Money Box.png  It is built as a money box by lengthening the body and inserting a drawer to taketh money. Lengthening the body made it look odd so I added a fuel tank to balance it.
IMG_20180430_111815.jpg  IMG_20180430_111758.jpg  The Metro Truck looked like it would be a good size also for a Charity Box and the following is the result. Decals will be added when I know who is going to receive it. Hope you like the hooter.

metro truck right side small.jpg  metro truck horn & Gear stick.jpg 
metro rear open.jpg  metro truck front left.jpg  Metro Truck front top sm.jpg 
metro truck rear closed.jpg 
I made a complete set of beetles for our two nephews six cars each and two garages.  SO easy to make, this is just two I made as test pieces. I also made them a Commando Mustang each.
IMG_20180430_112820.jpg  Finally the one I enjoyed most - the small world Peterbilt low loader.

American Motive power 1.jpg  IMG_20180430_112705.jpg  Thanks for the plans, they are so easy to use.


Daniel L Abbink

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These are very nice fine craftsmanship well done
Daniel Abbink
john lewman

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Fantastic Bruce. The photos say it all. Magnificent stuff!

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WOW....Fantastic work, well done. I really like what you have done.
In regard to sourcing suitable wood and wheels in the UK there are quite a really great wood suppliers and the wheels and accessories are on Ebay. The shop is called Tacegdums and he sells wheels and other bits and I would highly recommend him.He is shut though til the 2nd July.....
One of the wood suppliers I use is called Surrey Timbers in Guildford. They sell 5 pieces, walnut, maple, oak etc in a craft pack and they are very helpful and you can go to their real shop as well.
Another supplier I have used and can recommend is, in Cornwall. They supply all the species planed to different sizes or you contact them for a "sawn" order which is a lot cheaper if you have your own planer....
Hope this helps, have a look at some of my posts to see the wheels and woods that i have used from the above suppliers.
All the best

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Thank you all for your kind comments and helpful advice, they are much appreciated. There are so many very skilled members on this site. 
phantom scroller

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Beautiful vehicles [thumb][thumb]
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