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I'm in the middle of making two Woody wagons and trailers.  The main parts have been cut and now I'm looking to cut out the 1/4" side sections (pieces 1 and 14 on the plans, the one with the doors and roof racks and the similar part on the trailer).  Wanted to use 1/4" oak and try for a similar look as shown in the pictures.  My question is this: how have others handled the cutting of these parts, 1) cut each one out separately using a scroll saw, 2) stack several of the boards and use the scroll saw to stack cut 2 or 3 together or 3) some other method?  I've got a Ryobi scroll saw that works fine but it will take quite a while to cut each board out separately (8 total) and was wondering if anyone had ideas from their experience.

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Just my 2 cents worth, but I try to stack cut any of the parts that lend themselves to it.
It cuts down on sanding for me anyways and you get a more consistent pattern match.

I have a dewalt Scroll saw and can stack cut with the right blade 3 or 4 pieces fairly easy.

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It does take time but well worth it, if you click on my user name and go to my album you will see my version of the Woody Wagon. I cut out the opening for the door, made a template of the opening, transferred that to my desired door wood , cut out then hand sanded to fit.
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