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After getting by with an old melamine lined MDF desk for a workbench for the last twenty years, when it finally succumbed to some minor shed flooding and started to swell like soggy weetbix, I started to plan a new one.
 Having some leftover 138x42mm dressed structural pine from a recent rebuild of our outdoor decking and landings, I built some end frames that I tied together with some 90x45mm structural pine stringers. Topped it off with a slab of finger-jointed Ash, 2200mm x 800mm x 32mm thick.   Pretty well dominates my 12ft x 8ft shed.  And yes, it IS heavy.
I restored a small woodworker's vice that I had kept under the house for 30+ years and flush-fitted that, then felt compelled to give the same treatment to my old faithful engineers vice.
Finished the Ash surface off with the last of my tin of OSMO  wax/oil  clear finish, painted up the frame with leftover grey house paint.
There is space on the shelf below to store my scroll-saw and belt/disc sander when not in use ( not sure how that's gonna happen ) plus a set of drawers for the hand-tools - yet to be fitted.
 My wife says it looks so good she doubts I will want to get it dirty.  On the contrary, now I have the bench I have wanted for years, I am set for some concentrated toy making.

While I was at it, I replaced the ruined matting with some grey outdoor "carpet" ( this is my office as well as a workshop). 

20190616_154656.jpg 20190710_170300.jpg  20190725_172224.jpg  20190710_170356.jpg 

john lewman

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That is a workbench to be proud of!cree
kenneth smith

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Toy Wizard at
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Looks really really good Wombat! Excellent build.

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Very nice bench. I love the inset vice. It will be a great place to build some toys. Looking forward to seeing it after you put in the drawers.

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That's a great workbench!

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That's a great work bench I like it might try something like that great job
Martin L

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A Great bench and a excellent place to make toys, well done.

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Great bench wombat, I am going to use your design if you are ok with that when  I remodel the space
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