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In this post I present the details of the idea for sculpting the WWII plane fuselage(s) and parts.  ToyMakingPlans call for most parts to have hard (90 Degree) edges, in most cases the real life planes have/had softer rounded edges, to assist in decreasing drag, and increasing lift.  In this post I show the steps I used for what I call sculpting the fuselage.
1.  Cut out and double side tape all fuselage pieces (mostly body and canopy, but other pieces could be involved).  Using a pencil apply limit lines on the fuselage that are intended to provide the limits to your sculpting (Fig 1 & 2).  The hatch marks are what is to become waste.  Turn the fuselage 90 degrees and apply the corresponding limit line to single edge round over.
2. Using a dremmel tool with a sanding drum, round off the fuselage within the limits drawn in step 1 (Fig 3).
3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 for all for edges of the fuselage.
4. Hand sand to 220 grit for smooth flowing fuselage on all four edges.
5. Integrate sculpting with other plan parts {Nose, Wings, Tail, Rear stabilizer, etc}
6. Continue with detail plan assembly.
2020 02 Airplane Fuselage 1.jpg  2020 02 Airplane Fuselage 2.jpg  2020 02 Airplane Fuselage 3.jpg 

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