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In this post I will detail the idea of making the propeller look more realistic. The propeller I have modified to date {P40, P47 & P51) are in the TayMaking Detail Plans a four blade propeller, w hard square edges.  Actual propellers are sloped to create thrust . The following steps I use to create a bladed propeller.
1. Begin with the propeller in the plan (Pic 1 & 2)
2. Using a dremmel tool with a sanding barrel round from one edge down across the trailing edge to its rear (Pic 3)
3. Do th opposite to the rear face (Pic 4). This concludes a the sculpting of a single prop blade, repeat for blades 2 thru 4. Finished prop (Pic 5).
4. Hand sand all eight edges. Apply paint, finish, add to plane fuselage.
2.2020 02 Airplane Prop 1.jpg  2020 02 Airplane Prop 2.jpg 

2020 02 Airplane Prop 3.jpg  2020 02 Airplane Prop 4.jpg  2020 02 Airplane Prop 5.jpg   

john lewman

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This is a pro tutorial on making a realistic fighter plane wood toy propeller. Keep the info coming. We all appreciate it.
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